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The UTEST list originally began as a space where a small group of colleagues from AT&T GIS, MicroSoft and from Clarkson, Clemson, and Purdue Universities could collaborate and share ideas about usability testing and user-centered design projects. The goal then and now was to create a "safe" space where practicing professionals could work on the problems and issues they confronted in their professional experiences.

Then as now, the list was intended to be a place where researchers could test out unpolished, inchoate ideas without fear that their ideas would be used out of context or attacked in other media. For this reason, it was decided very early on that UTEST's messages would never be archived, that UTEST's subscribers would not redistribute the list's messages in other groups and/or media, that membership on the list would be closed to the general public, and the new members would be allowed to join by invitation only. These practices are still followed today.

The UTEST list is supported by Clemson University hardware, software, and technical support as part of Clemson's commitment to outreach, research, and education. The effort required to maintain the list is voluntarily provided by Dr. Tharon Howard.

For subscription information, please contact:

Tharon Howard

Published with the permission of the UTEST Advisory Council on Oct. 17, 2002

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