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Usability in general

UTEST Discussion List

UTEST is an electronic discussion group formed to allow usability researchers and practitioners to discuss topics privately within the group.


A UK-based discussion list covering all aspects of usability.

London Usability

A London-based discussion list covering all aspects of usability.


CHI-Web Mailing List CHI-Web is an ACM SIGCHI moderated discussion list on human factors aspects of the  World Wide Web
MIL Usability and Internet Business Discussion


This forum is open to anyone with questions or comments regarding improving business on the internet. (threaded.) is a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.

A List Apart (ALA)

This is a discussion list containing the following fixed forums (note the usability forum in this list).

  • General Forum: Use this forum for problems that don't fit neatly into the categories below.
  • Accessibility: Designing for Braille readers, text and audio browsers, and non-traditional devices.
  • Browsers & Standards: Stinky standards support? Browsers busting your site? Need some fast, informal QA? Talk about it here.
  • Content: Is microcontent really content? Is content king, or dead, or what? Discuss industry theories (or your own).
  • Cross Platform: Linux and Windows and Macs.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets: From full-blown CSS redesigns to the basics of online typography.
  • Design: Graphic design, information design, interaction design. From the basics of layout to advanced visual narrative.
  • Advanced scripting: Flash, SMIL, SVG, etc.
  •  Usability: Common sense, testing, and theory. And undoubtedly, much argument.
  • Designing for wireless: The "smart" markup language.
Web Editors Discussion List (Web Editors List)

This is a discussion list on which Web editors, managing editors, copyeditors, and other interested parties can post questions about editorial  procedures, style, usability, and content management issues. Here are some of the issues:

  • Is it Website, Web site,  web site or website?
  • In what context is which usage best?
  • What's the best way to mark edit changes for Web pages?
  • What's the  best style for e-commerce usage and audiences?
  • How should copy be formatted for submission to designers?
  • How best to work  with designers, with tech people, with writers?
www-surveying (www-surveying)

The purpose of this list is to facilitate dissemination of the WWW User Survey results and other survey related announcements to interested persons. It is a low volume/ high fact density mailing list is a web site featuring regular articles, columns, and special features on Web topics great and small. 

Usability of applications


Includes methods for usability testing mobile services, pragmatic issues in contextual usability testing, findings from 'mobile Internet / WAP studies and discussion / distribution of publications and other resource

Usable iTV

A discussion network for researchers and developers who are interested in the human factors issues relating to interactive TV (iTV) services.


a discussion group on the user experience of games and interactive entertainment.

Technical communication

Usability SIG Mailing List

The purpose of the stcusesig_l mailing list is to provide a forum for technical communicators who:

  • Have an interest in usability
  • Are moving into the usability field from another job
  • Want to learn some tips and tricks

See also Louise Ferguson's list of discussion lists.

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