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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

offsiteAlertbox book list

Jakob Nielsen's list of his favorite usability books.

SAP Design Guild

offsiteBooks on User Interface, Graphic, and Web Design

Comprehensive list - the more popular ones are reviewed.

Dominant Systems

offsiteBooks on web design usability

This site provides a list of book on web design usability, as rated by readers of

Hans De Graaff HCI Index

offsiteBooks: bibliographies & reviews

Human-computer interaction book reviews and resources by Hans De Graaff.

Gary Perlman's suggested Readings

offsiteSuggested readings

Gary Pearlman maintains a list of suggested readings on HCI issues, which is part of the HCI Bibliography.

Elegant Hack

offsiteInformation Architecture and User Centered Design Reading List

An annotated reading list by Christina Wodtke.

HCI Bibliography

offsiteHCI Publications (huge)

A huge database of HCI publications maintained by the Association of Computer Machinery.

Usable Web

offsiteUsable web book lists

Links to book lists.

offsiteAmazon books, often reviewed by readers not only provides a list of available books on usability. They often are also have been reviewed by readers.


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