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 The benefits of user centred design



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- Satisfaction questionnaires
- Web site design
- Instructional systems design
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- Integration with development
  • Benefits of UCD
  • Introducing UCD
  • Usability maturity assessment
  • Tailoring UCD methods
  • Assuring usability

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Reduced development time

Focussing on user and organisational needs will reduce the development time by:

  • reducing the late changes otherwise needed to produce a product that meets user needs
  • reducing the cost of future redesign of the architecture to make future versions of the product more usable

Increased sales

  • marketing the product as easier to use than the competition provides an Increased competitive edge
  • repeat sales will be made to more satisfied customers
  • the usability of the product will be given higher ratings in the trade press

Usage savings

  • reduced task time and increased productivity
  • fewer user errors that have to be corrected later
  • fewer user errors leading to increased quality of service
  • less training, support and documentation is required
  • reduced staff turnover as a result of higher satisfaction and motivation

Support savings

  • reduced costs of producing training materials
  • reduced time providing training
  • reduced time spent by other staff providing assistance when users encounter difficulties
  • reduced help line support

Improve the quality of life

  • less stress from frustrating software
  • users are more satisfied

Health and safety legislation

  • The European Directive on Display Screen Equipment (implemented in the national legislation of EU countries) requires that software is suitable for the task and easy to use.

See the instructions for calculating cost-benefits.

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