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This site describes simple user-centred methods recommended by the TRUMP project to improve the usability of end products and systems. The basic methods are:

diagram illustrating the methods

The approach has been developed by Serco Usability Services in conjunction with the Inland Revenue and EDS in the UK and Israel Aircraft Industries in Israel.

bullet Methods

Basic and recommended methods, benefits, methods for web site design, instructional design, integrating methods with development, and usability assurance.

bullet Case studies

Two case studies for Inland Revenue/EDS and Israel Aircraft Industries.

bullet Resources Books, standards and presentations.
bullet off siteUsabilityNet Comprehensive information on methods, resources, who's who, education and training.
bullet off siteUsability
How to specify, test and report usability requirements as part of a contractual relationship between a supplier and acquirer (PRUE project)
bullet About TRUMP Background to the TRUMP project.

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