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 Case studies

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The main purpose of the PRUE project was to evaluate the business value of introducing the CIF into the purchasing and procurement process for different types of systems in a variety of contractual environments and countries.

One trial is for the originally envisaged role in the acquisition of corporate software (Ericsson/Electrolux). Another extends this to acquisition of a custom-designed web site (Ministry/SEMA). These trials both focus on evaluating whether a new web-based system meets requirements established by prior evaluation of the existing text-based system.

The two other trials assessed the usefulness of the CIF in negotiating for improvements in a custom-designed system, by evaluating the usability of an existing product to establish requirements for an improved version. The in2netlogic/prezzybox. com trial was in the UK where usability is well-established as an issue, and Robissa Travel/ExcelSoft was in Greece where usability is less well recognised.


Italian Ministry of Justice + SEMA

Ericsson Telecom + Electrolux

in2netlogic + prezzybox. com

Robissa Travel + ExcelSoft


Web site: legal info

Travel expense reporting

Web site: ecommerce

Travel management


Legal staff and public

Office staff


Travel agent staff

Existing system

Traditional dial up

Text based

Existing web site

Existing product

New system

Web based

Web based

Improved version

Improved version

Contractual relationship

The Ministry will use CIF results as part of acceptance criteria

Ericsson will use CIF results as part of acceptance criteria

Basis for negotiation for improvements

Basis for negotiation for improvements

Consumer organisation benefits

Convenient and accurate legal information

Increased productivity and quality of travel information

Increased business

Increased office efficiency

For information on case studies in the USA, see the IUSR web site.


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