Nigel Bevan - CV

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Nigel Bevan is Research Manager at Serco Usability Services. He has first degrees in physics and psychology, and a PhD in man-machine interaction. He provides consultancy and training in usability and user centred design.

Nigel was technical co-ordinator of the EU MUSiC (Measurement of Usability in Context) project that produced methods for usability measurement. These methods have since been widely applied commercially. He was manager of the INUSE and RESPECT projects that set up a network of Usability Support Centres around Europe, the TRUMP project that incorporated user centred design into the development processes of two large organisations, the PRUE project that trialled use of the Common Industry Format for usability test reports, and the UsabilityNet project that has established a web site of usability resources.

He participates in several international standards groups where he has introduced the concept of quality in use. He contributed to ISO 13407 and the Common Industry Format, edited ISO 9241-11 (Guidance on usability), ISO/IEC 14598-1 (Evaluation of software quality - General guide), ISO/IEC 9126-1 (Software product quality model) and ISO/IEC 9126-4 (Quality in use metrics). He currently edits ISO/IEC25030 (Quality requirements), ISO 20282-2 (Usability of everyday products), and the new Common Industry Format for usability requirements.

Nigel has an international reputation for his work on usability and user centred design. He has numerous publications, and has given tutorials on usability, web evaluation and user centred design at international conferences including the Usability Professionals Association, CHI, Interact, HCI International and software quality and software engineering conferences.

He is a Board member of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) and a council member of the UK UPA.