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About UsabilityNet

UsabilityNet was a project funded by the European Union to provide resources and networking for usability practitioners, managers and EU projects.

UsabilityNet supports:

  • Usability practitioners: by providing a comprehensive set of authoritative information and resources on this web site.
  • Managers: by providing information and resources about usability to support the needs of managers and procurers
  • EU projects: by providing material specifically tailored for use by EU projects.
  • Professional organisations: by providing a forum for communication between professional bodies and other organisations concerned about usability.

UsabilityNet was funded by the EU Framework V IST Programme as IST 1999-29067: a preparatory, accompanying and support measure. The project started in February 2001 and finished in July 2003, when the project manager, Nigel Bevan, took responsibility for maintaining the web site.

Company Contact Country
offsiteSerco Usability Services Nigel Bevan UK
offsiteHuman Factors Research Group, University College Cork Jurek Kirakowski Ireland
offsiteCURE - Center for Usability Research & Engineering Manfred Tscheligi Austria
offsiteSUA Nigel Claridge Sweden
Ericsson Radio Systems AB, LinLab Research and Innovation ┼sa Granlund Sweden
Lloyd's Register of Shipping Jonathan Earthy UK
offsiteesri, Loughborough University Martin Maguire UK
INRIA - UnitÚ de Recherche de Rocquencourt Dominique Scapin, J. M. Christian Bastien France
offsiteFraunhofer IAO

Matthias Peissner

Dept of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu Timo Jokela Finland
offsiteSINTEF Telecom and Informatics Trond Schliemann Norway
CSC Informatica SpA Anna Giannetti Italy
offsiteSIEM Maria Athousaki Greece
ErgoDin Victor Gardete Vinheiras Portugal
offsiteHuman Interface Technologies Ltd Avi Parush Israel
Technical University of Gdansk, Ergonomics Department Marcin Sikorski Poland
offsiteSino European Usability Centre, Dalian Maritime University Zhengjie Liu China
offsiteUsability Sciences Consulting CC Jacques Hugo South Africa

Updated January 2006 by Nigel Bevan.

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